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Why is YouTube not Working on My Browser?

Well, Google is the parent company for both YouTube and Chrome Browser but that doesn’t mean they always work perfectly.

And there can be a lot of reasons why YouTube is not working on your browser.

Why YouTube is Not Working

Several things could prevent the browser from working perfectly for YouTube.

  • Corrupted data present in the Chrome browser

  • Extensions causing issues

  • JavaScript is not enabled

  • Internet Issues

And so on.

How to fix YouTube Problems in Chrome Browser

Here is what you can try to fix the YouTube issues on your computer and browser.

  • First, you need to restart the Chrome browser through Task Manager. Open the Task Manager and then close the browser forcefully and then restart it.

  • Now, go to the settings page on Chrome and enable the JavaScript on it. And you also need to turn off the Hardware Acceleration on your browser for smooth working.

  • Then, open the history page and clear the cookies and cache from the browser instantly.

  • If it isn’t working properly on the regular window, try opening YouTube in Incognito mode.

  • Check if your computer is facing internet issues and ensure that you have high-speed internet.

  • Security software can also mess with the internet situation, go ahead and disable the security software for some time.

  • You can also try to reset the Chrome browser to the default settings and then open YouTube.

  • If anything is not working for you, try switching to a different browser like Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

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