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Why is YouTube not Working on My Browser?

Updated: Jul 30

Well, Google is the parent company for both YouTube and Chrome Browser but that doesn’t mean they always work perfectly.

And there can be a lot of reasons why YouTube is not working on your browser.

Why YouTube is Not Working

Several things could prevent the browser from working perfectly for YouTube.

  • Corrupted data present in the Chrome browser

  • Extensions causing issues

  • JavaScript is not enabled

  • Internet Issues

And so on.

How to fix YouTube Problems in Chrome Browser

Here is what you can try to fix the YouTube issues on your computer and browser.

  • First, you need to restart the Chrome browser through Task Manager. Open the Task Manager and then close the browser forcefully and then restart it.

  • Now, go to the settings page on Chrome and enable the JavaScript on it. And you also need to turn off the Hardware Acceleration on your browser for smooth working.

  • Then, open the history page and clear the cookies and cache from the browser instantly.

  • If it isn’t working properly on the regular window, try opening YouTube in Incognito mode.

  • Check if your computer is facing internet issues and ensure that you have high-speed internet.

  • Security software can also mess with the internet situation, go ahead and disable the security software for some time.

  • You can also try to reset the Chrome browser to the default settings and then open YouTube.

  • If anything is not working for you, try switching to a different browser like Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

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