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When Did Yahoo Shut Down Chat Rooms?

Yahoo has been a prime spot for each one of us especially when each one of us is facing a severe lockdown crisis. Now Yahoo bought this facility wherein people can chit chat with each other, but It was introduced earlier. It was a great service that was the only reason it was loved by users all around.

Now when everyone was getting used to the service, there happened a time when Yahoo users were not at all satisfied because of the Yahoo chat room closure. Now, this was announced by the main authorities that the service will be put to an end. The only reason the firm took a great step to close Yahoo's online chat room was for the growth purpose.

Now put an end to Yahoo chat rooms would allow them to build some space so as for growth in the future and this will ensure healthy marketing of their Yahoo products.

When I'm mentioning Yahoo live chat room, I simply mean that I'm talking about the best chat room process all around. The chat room would provide its user with mostly everything be it a serious/friendly/casual chat everything is offered under one roof for free. What could be better than this? Do give this blog a good read and make sure you don't put out any information.

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